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Steel Aisle Gate
Steel Aisle Gates are lightweight to move from setting to setting with little effort and are designed for use in retail stock inventory operations, maintenance procedures, or any type of temporary crowd control.

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Complete listing of all available hardware and accessories for all Steel Folding Gates.

Color Options
A galvanized steel finish is standard, but custom powder coating is also available for all Steel Folding Gates.Matching existing color schemes in your facility is a breeze.


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Yellow aisle gate

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Portable Scissor Gate
Portable Scissor Gates can be used virtually anywhere and any way you need them including sealing school hallways, closing elevator banks, restricting access in offices, factories or warehouses. Portable Scissor Gates extend up to 12' and are a quick and easy way to seal off any area and are perfect for providing temporary access control in any area.

Portable scissor gate aka a lazytong gate

Xtra-duty portable Bostwick gate

Xtra-duty Portable Bostwick Gate
For portable security needs, this new portable Bostwick gate provides the kind of flexibility which exceeds normal location requirements. The Xtra-duty portable Bostwick gate models are designed for use as traffic control units in schools, park district facilities, churches and community centers. Gate comes in standard wall mount, floor mount and pressure fit configurations.

Barrier Gate
Barrier Gates from Illinois Engineered Products allow quick and easy portable access control. They're galvanized steel and powder coated in yellow and black safety colors for high visibility. Barrier Gates are ideal for providing temporary access control in any kind of area — including entryways, hallways or aisles.

Yellow and black Barrier Gate

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