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How soon will I receive my order? Your order usually ships the day after it's placed. We carry all gates in stock, so we can send your gate the next day. If you order a custom gate, we'll tell you how long it will take to deliver. Even custom orders usually only take 7-10 days.

I only received two “L” brackets for the top of the gate. Don't I also need brackets for the bottom? No. Your gate rests on bearing washers, and drop pins that fit into holes in the floor that you've drilled.

What if I don't want to drill holes in my floor to mount my single or pair gate?You can special order a shorter truncated gate with special brackets designed to hold the gate off the floor.

Do I need to drill holes in the floor for my pair gate's self-securing drop pin? Yes. Self-securing drop pins, which must be inserted into floor-holes, are required for pair gates to join properly in the center, when closed.

Can I install the “L” bracket up, instead of down?Yes. If you want easy access to the bracket bolts. However, this configuration provides less security.

Should I lubricate the gate? Normally your gate requires no maintenance. In harsh environments however (severe winters, coastal conditions), lubricating the gate periodically with white grease is a good idea.

When do I need an “H” bracket? You can install an “H” bracket above where two sides of a pair gate meet. Each half of the gate joins to the “H” bracket, providing greater rigidity and security. Note that an “H” bracket installed in your opening will reduce clearance height of forklifts and other vehicles.

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