Accessories and Hardware

FG Fred strap9-inch Bracket9" Bracket, installed6-inch Bracket6" Bracket, installed2-inch Standard BracketH-BracketH-Bracket, Installed48-inch Locking Bar12-inch Locking Bar12-inch Locking Bar InstalledP8 PostP8 Post, installedSteel CasterSteel CasterRubber Wheel Caster, with BrakeRubber Wheel Caster28-inch Axle14-inch AxleBarrier Gate axle with strapwasherWasher, installedPortable Gate Drop PinCain BoltDoor Gate Padlock HaspPadlockDoor Gate with PadlockCylinder lockCylinder Lock (Installed, view from side)Optional Gate HandleSchool StrapSchool StrapSchool StrapSchool Strap InstalledSchool Strap InstalledTop Track, closeupTop Track Trolley, closeupTopTrack-closeup-cropped1


  • 2″ Bracket – standard for single and pair gates for mounting top of gate to a wall or casing; included with all Single or Pair Gate purchases.
  • 6″ / 9″ Bracket – extends gate alternately 6″ or 9″ from wall or casing to clear overhead door tracks and bollards; can be used to face-mount any IEP Single or Pair Gate. (sold separately)
  • H Bracket – mounts overhead in center of pair gates, joining both halves of gate to provide additional security and rigidity. (sold separately)


Locks gates securely to wall. A 12″ Locking Bar is included with all Portable Gate purchases. A 48″ Locking Bar is included with all Single and Door Gate purchases.


The 2″ x 2″ x 8′ Post with 6″ base plate add stability. (sold separately)


A padlock is recommended for each Single or Pair Gate ordered and hasps are designed with the gate or other security solution. For your convenience, IEP sells heavy duty padlocks for your product application. Padlocks also recommended for optional web center drop pins. Standard is keyed-alike (KA). Keyed-different (KD) and Master also available. Sold separately.

Cylinder Locks are built in locking mechanisms that defeat any forced entry attempts to pry the gate in any direction. The 360 degree turn of key (or thumb-turn) throws or retracts the counterbalanced bolt. Designed to defeat any hacksaw attack, the laminated stainless steel core keeps out unwanted visitors, while the hook shape inside the lock repels pry-bar attempts to spread the gate from its jamb or track. Key can only be removed when bolt is fully locked or unlocked.


IEP folding gates are easy to pull apart or push together, but if you prefer, we can weld a handle onto your custom product.


IEP’s web center lockable Drop Pins provide additional security and gate stability in wide openings. Pair Gates larger than 14 feet include two lockable, self-securing drop pins for additional rigidity and security. You may choose to purchase and install additional drop pins for larger openings.


An IEP School Strap allows Single, Pair or Portable Gates to be locked in retracted position. (sold separately)


The axles for portable gates vary depending on gate type, size and color. Need to order more? Please specify for “end” or “center” position installation.

The 12″ Gate Axle for Barrier Gates come standard with lockable rubber casters. A complete set is included with all Barrier Gates. Optional Straps can aide in locking gates in position.

The 28″ Gate Axle for Portable Gates also feature lockable rubber casters. A complete set is included with all Portable Gates.

IEP Portable Gates feature stainless steel or rubber casters. Additional features can include a break mechanism to lock the wheel in place and minimize movement.


Washers bear the weight of gate and allow gates to pivot out of opening. This hardware is included with all Gates, and additional washers are available for purchase.