Dealer: DC Graves Wakefield, MA

ProblemDC Graves, a material handling distributor in Massachusetts had recently installed a brand new pallet rack storage system complete with pallet storage, gravity flow shelving, and hand pick bin shelves. The system was designed to facilitate a new online web stores stocking and shipping operations. A theft and loss prevention problem arose when the customer realized that a solution was needed to lock and secure the new materials at night when the online web store section of the warehouse was empty but operations continued in the adjacent areas. Customer needed a solution to allow for security at night when empty, but did not impede foot and fork truck traffic during the day.

SolutionSingle and pair steel folding gates mounted directly to the pallet racks to secure the area.

ResultThe single and pair folding gates proved to be an ideal security solution. During the day the gates are collapsed to their stacked positions to allow for unimpeded movement of employees, cherry pickers, fork trucks, etc. At night the gates are locked and provide the needed theft and loss protection the customer was looking for. The high quality galvanized gates provided by Illinois Engineered Products are heavy duty, easy to install and have far exceeded all expectations.

Dealer: Powerlift Dumbwaiters, Inc. Georgetown, California

ProblemPowerlift Dumbwaiters, a residential and commercial dumbwaiter manufacturer, in California has been manufacturing dumbwaiters for 43 years. From time to time a customer calls to ask how to get their dumbwaiter unstuck when an object has fallen out and wedged between the wall and dumbwaiter.

SolutionPowerlift Dumbwaiters chose steel folding gates mounted directly to the dumbwaiter car to prevent most objects from exiting the car.

ResultThe folding gates manufactured by Illinois Engineered Products proved to be a great solution to this problem as well as assisting Powerlift meet the ever changing code requirements.

Dealer: Alpine Handling Systems Miami, Florida

ProblemThe dock security situation for this air cargo customer called for folding security dock door gates that would prevent packages from entering or exiting through the dock doors either through the webbing or thrown over the top of the gates. Security in air and sea cargo ports has become mission critical under new Homeland Security measures — full compliance was at risk. Smaller dock gates previously installed on the inside of the openings proved to be too flimsy to stand up to the everyday abuse that can take place inside of the facility.

SolutionWorking with the loss prevention managers, Alpine Systems chose IEP heavy duty full height top track gates mounted on the outside of the opening.

ResultFull height top track gates were chosen to totally secure the opening while the close knit diamond openings prevented any package exchange through the webbing. Full security and compliance with Homeland Security measures and OSHA regulations was achieved. Less costly painted steel gates also didn't provide the best value especially in the Miami area. IEP's galvanized steel folding gates stand up to weather — they're rust resistant — and they look better and last longer.


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