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An economical solution for after hours security, providing stress-free storefront protection from smash and grabs and casual break-ins.

Designed to provide a more stable and secure storefront window gate. Bottom Track Storefront Gates are installed along the inside of storefront windows utilizing a continuous frame effect for structural strength and stability.

Storefront Gates pivot 180 Degrees on their mountings — they pivot out of the opening and swing flat remaining virtually invisible while not in use — customers will never know they are there. For added stability, bottom track designs can use an “H” bracket when locking two portions together.

For all gate configurations, there is a loss in height of about 6” as the gate is expanded. The stack width of a gate is approximately 1” to 2” per foot of travel.

Our Storefront Gates stand up to 4-season weather like heat, rain and snow and they won't be harmed by harsh industrial chemicals and cleaners. With a galvanized finish, these Storefront Gates are virtually maintenance free, delivering the best in security with a lower cost of ownership.

All gate orders come with brackets, bearing washers and casters for easy and complete installation.

Illinois Engineered Products Storefront Gates can be customized to fit any security need. Storefront gates can protect a single access point or provide a complete front-line wall of security.

Additional Product Information

Product Brochure
Download Storefront Gate brochure (PDF)

Complete listing of all available hardware and accessories for all Steel Folding Gates.

Color Options
A galvanized steel finish is standard, but custom powder coating is also available for all Steel Folding Gates.Matching existing color schemes in your facility is a breeze.


Storefront Gate with bottom track
Bottom track installation.

Storefront Gate "H" bracket
For added stability, storefront gates can use an “H” Bracket when locking two portions together.

Bottom Track Storefront Gate
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Bottom Track Storefront Gates open webbing is see-through

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